CARMA THERAPIES & YOGA - Local Reflexology/Massage Specialist & Yoga Instuctor
Sports Massage... mobile, sporting events, gyms, pools, pitch side etc
Sports massage is not just for athletes.  Because it works on very deep and specific muscles it is available to anyone.  It is used to release muscular tension and increase range of movement and flexibility within the joint.  This in turn allows the body to respond as it should without pain and allows optimum muscle function and performance.  Energy and fitness levels increase aswell as posture and quality of life.
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The type of clients I treat range from horseriders, rugby players, footballers, cyclists, weightlifters, runners, swimmers, cardio gym users, racquet users, all walks of employment, mums, dads and even the children!!
The Benefits of Sports Massage are...
  • Increase sporting performance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased range of joint movement
  • Prevention of further injury
  • Promotes blood flow increasing immune system
  • Decreases scar tissue and adhesions
  • Reduce the recovery period following an injury
  • Reduces general anxiety levels
  • Promotes sleep and diminishes insomnia
  • Creates an understanding of movement and posture
Your appointment...
I would ask that you allow an extra 20 minutes consultation time (of which is not charged for) upon your first visit.  I will give you a full postural check and along with our consultation will establish a treatment plan.  With your permission I will carry out a full hours sports massage using various techniques as explained below.  I tend to feed back as I carry out the massage to get your response to pain and movement. 
After your first massage we will have a feedback session where I will tell you exactly what I have found and what I feel your next plan of action should be.  I tend to give exercises and stretches to do at home to prevent further pain.  Sometimes within a session we will do some passive stretching which has proved to have some great results.
I use the following techniques within sports/ deep tissue massage:
Neuro Muscular (Trigger Point) - firm localised pressure in areas of extreme tightness in the muscle, increases the blood flow to flush toxins out and stabilises neurological activity within muscle.
Soft Tissue Release - stretching of soft tissue muscle fibres, tendons and fascia. Improves length and pliability in muscle tissue.
Muscle Energy Technique - used to relax and lengthen tight and shortened muscles.  Increases range of movement and flexibility.  Both client and myself work together to remove restriction in joint.
 90 Minutes £65
One hour    £45
45 Minutes  £38

This price is negotiable for charity events.....
Please note I hold a 24 hour cancellation policy whereby I am within my rights to charge for a missed appointment if not given 24 hours notice.
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